Candle Making Party

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A $25 non-refundable Private Party Room Fee is required at time of scheduling your party. Party date can be changed once up to two weeks before party date and is forfeited if party is cancelled

Our Child Parties are drop off events. There is not enough room in the party room for parents to stay. Non Painting guests at parties are limited to 5 adults.

Each guest will make their own Choice of Large Square or Round Pillar Style Chunk Candle. They will use colorful chunks of wax that will be cut to size and arranged inside the candle mold. They will also choose from over 50 scents for their candle. Candles are express cooled and go home the same day.

Recommended Age: 10 to adult
$24 per guest
Minimum of 8 guests
90 Mins. Additional party time can be booked for an additional $20 per 30 minutes

A commemorative personalized party plate may be purchased for $15. Plate is signed by all guests and created on our spin art machine

Bring any food & drinks along. Time allows for eating & gift opening.

We provide popcorn for snacking and glitter tattoos

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