Paint Your Ninja Turtle Figure at home with glazes and return to Hot Pots for Kiln Firing after May 12th. The colors will come alive as we fire them in our kilns to nearly 2000 degrees. Pick up your project in front of Hot Pots after visiting Raphael and all the characters in the parade on May 9th.

Hi There! Thanks for purchasing one of our To-GO kits of painting FUN.  We will be offering curbside pickup,  Here is some helpful information to make your projects a success.
All of our glazes are NON-toxic and cleanup easily however, we recommend working on a covered surface. An apron or smock is good too. Choose the colors you want to work with and start with the lightest colors working up to the darkest. Use the appropriate size brush for the area that you are painting. We recommend 3 coats of glaze for solid coverage
Glazes require an overglaze applied by us at the studio and kiln firing to make your projects shine like a diamond!
After your projects are dry, wrap them in a paper towel or napkin & return to Hot Pots. We can help with lettering & personalization there. They will be ready for pick-up in 5 Days!
We hope that you enjoy your time creating memories & great projects to treasure a lifetime!
Your Friends at Hot Pots!

Ninja Turtle Pottery Figure


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