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Walk in any time (before last seating) for String Art Making Fun at Hot Pots. Our helpful, friendly staff members will be there every step of the way to offer assistance if you need it. Your creation will be totally unique because you choose the stain color for the wood, the design and string colors. Bring a design along or just an idea of what you want. We can find a template on our design computer. Choose from an array of base sizes & shapes, stain your wood Your template guides you for nail placement. Colorful String is strung around the nail heads to define your design and fill it in.

We now offer Wood Burning Tools to burn your design image into the wood blanks. Ages 10 & up only!


Anytime Fun

Price Range

$15 – $30

Be Creative!

String Art by other creatives and example artwork

How It Works

Pick your item

Choose from our huge ceramic bisque selection. We offer a Seasonal Selection along with our everyday functional dinnerware, home decor, banks, boxes, figures, garden items.

Visit our design center

Offering over 120 glaze color options as well as specialty tools & techniques to help with your design. Relax & stay as long as you like.


When you are complete, we will ring you out and let you know when your masterpiece will be ready for pick-up. We apply a clear overglaze and kiln fire your pottery to nearly 2000 degrees to make your items super shiny & foodsafe!

Pick it up

Pick-up your creations in just 5 days & ENJOY or GIVE as a one-of-a-kind gift!

Plan Your String Art Visit

Know what to expect, for the most fun!

60-120 Minutes

Typical Creative Time


Items To Bring

Your Creativity

Same Day

Take Home Same Day

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