Glass Fusion

Walk in any time (before last seating) to make colorful, functional fused glass at Hot pots.  Our helpful, friendly staff members will be there every step of the way to offer assistance if you need it. Fused glass is like stained glass without the leading. Design is created by layering colorful shapes of glass  onto a project base. Kiln firing brings those layers together for a smooth finish. Projects include jewelry pendants, frames, night lights, sun catchers, plates, dishes & serving pieces. Glass pricing ranges from $15-$68. Glass Fusion is recommended for ages 10 & up unless assisted by an adult.

 Choose the project you want to create with a clear or white glass base..

 Select your design glass from colorful stringers, noodles, frit, bits, strips & rods. You can change the glass shape & size with nippers & cutting tools.

 Create your design with at least 1 but up to 3 layers of glass. Each piece must be attached to the base glass with a drop of fuse glue to keep your design intact.

 Kiln firing will bring the glass layers together, smooth the edges & round the corners of your glass masterpiece. Shaped projects require an additional slump kiln firing.

 Pick up your project & Enjoy! Flat Fused projects are ready in 5 days. Slump Shaped projects are ready in 10 days.