What Are Mosaics?

An ancient art easily mastered by anyone

Our helpful, friendly staff members will be there every step of the way to offer assistance if you need it. The ancient art of mosaic is easily mastered onto wooden frame, plaque & mirror bases using bright, sparkly glass & tiles to create your desired pattern & design. Simply place, arrange & glue them to the base. Grout fills the spaces between the glass to complete the look. Bring a photo (printed at a lab) along to make a photo mosaic. Turn your photo into a Masterpiece..


Anytime Fun

Price Range

$20 – $50

Be Creative!

Mosaic by other creatives and example artwork

How It Works

Choose a base

Choose from our large selection of mosaic bases. We offer picture frames, fun plaque shapes, mirrors & more.

Let your creativity flow

Sketch your design onto the base in pencil for guidance if you like. Select the colors of tiles & glass for your design. Cutting tools are available to change the glass shape. Glue each piece into place using our super strong adhesive. Consistent spacing between each class piece is important (between 1/8 -1/4 inch)

Finish it

Grouting completes the mosaic and can be done once the adhesive is dry (at least 24 hours). Grouting can be done by you at home or at Hot Pots so we can assist. We can grout your mosaic masterpiece for $5 addl. Grout color options are white, black, sand, brown or any shade of gray.

Plan Your Mosaic Visit

Know what to expect, for the most fun!

30-90 Minutes

Typical Creative Time


Items To Bring

Optional Picture to turn into a mosaic

24 Hours

Drying Time before grouting

Questions or comments?

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