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Studio Hours
Studio Hours

Scouts Pottery

$35.00 (initial deposit)

A Girl Scouts Pottery event starts at $120 for the first 8 guests to book.  Project costs will vary based on what the scouts will choose with a $15 minimum purchase.  Licensed Girl Scouts pottery is also available!  Your $35 deposit today books your troops date and time.

Troop Name and number *

Let us know which troop is coming!

Number of Scouts *

Your initial activity is for 8 scouts. Let us know if you anticipate additional scouts to join.

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  • Choose any items from the studio to create. $15 minimum pottery
  • 90 minutes Party Time
  • Learn about glazes and how the kiln works
  • Dedicate Party Host to assist with projects & clean up
  • Bring any food & drinks you like
  • $35 initial deposit to hold your date and time.
  • Free Hot Pots Fun Patch